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The work of a bankruptcy paralegal

A bankruptcy paralegal jobs is a law practitioner who can assist a person who has been declared insolvent to prepare and file a petition. Filing for bankruptcy is not an easy process and in itself is costly. This is particularly because of incurring legal costs especially if you hire the services of an attorney. This is where the services of a bankruptcy attorneys come into play. Bankruptcy paralegal lawyers provide legal support to bankruptcy trustees. They can also work as an employee of a law firm or trustee’s office. The duties of a bankruptcy paralegal job description may differ based on which aspect of bankruptcy they are involved in. The duties of a bankruptcy legal assistant may be those of a debtor bankruptcy or creditor bankrupcy paralegal duties.

Role and key duties of a bankruptcy paralegal procedures

There are rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed when filing for bankruptcy as well as laws to be observed. This is among one of the reasons a person filing for bankruptcy needs the services of a bankruptcy legal assistant. The bankruptcy paralegal training will be present to be a legal assistant to the client and will assist in completing the necessary forms. Bankruptcy paralegals resume also draft letters and notices to various parties in the proceedings like the client, trustees, creditors and attorneys.

They will also act as the clients contact person. Other responsibilities include verifying the information and answers provided by the client with his/her creditors with regards to outstanding debts. Caution should be taken by the bankruptcy paralegal services to obtain true and factual information regarding their client. As they should carefully review the diary and preparations submitted on behalf of debtors. All petitions and documents are checked for compliance to the bankruptcy code by the bankruptcy paralegal employee. They also ensure that the payment plan is feasible under the bankruptcy plan. As a virtual bankruptcy paralegal it is your responsibility to check out the nature of property listed. This is because some clients may not give truthful information while others may not be knowledgeable in this area.

Those of a debtor bankruptcy are performed when he or she is representing a debtor while a creditor represents the creditor. A bankruptcy paralegal practitioner will help assist you to file for a court petition at a minimal cost but they are not recognized as legal experts by the law.

Bankruptcy paralegal – Qualifications and skills needed

Certification to be a bankruptcy paralegal services in AZ for example can be gotten from universities that offer paralegal programs online. Bankruptcy paralegal AZ education covers an extensive range of programs, degrees and certificates. To pursue a career, you should first and foremost have formal education then complete two years in legal studies and a four year college degree or masters.

A skilled bankruptcy paralegal is one who can conduct research, knows how to make proper citations for references cited as well as posses good computer skills. Other bankruptcy legal assistant jobs skills are having excellent communication skills, ethics and basic secretarial knowledge. Personal traits should posses are like self motivation, people skills and creativity.

Part of the knowledge you should posses as a practicing bankruptcy paralegal involves knowing different types of bankruptcies and everything included in a specific forte. Lastly you must possess zeal to learn, professionalism, ethics, passion to succeed. Due to fraud of clients, bankruptcy paralegal jobs have to uphold high ethics and morals.

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